The following list of rules is to be read and followed. Any boarder who fails to comply with any of the rules on this list will be subject to immediate termination of privileges at the sole discretion of the management.




NO SMOKING EXCEPT IN DESIGNATED AREAS! No alcoholic beverage is permitted in the stable area.

The hours of operation are from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm. In case of an emergency with a horse, the hours may be extended.

No yelling, running or loud music around the horses.

Parents are responsible for all minor children. Unattended children not allowed. Children under 12 years of age must be closely supervised in the stable complex by an adult. For safety reasons, children under the age of 6 must be with an adult at all times.

No riding or mounting/dismounting is permitted in the barn aisles. No running, bike riding, skate boarding, roller blading or bare feet are permitted in the barns.

While discipline may be necessary, physical ABUSE of any horse will not be tolerated. Never tie a horse by its reins.

All stall doors must be left in a closed and bolted condition except for entry and exit, or if a chain is across the door and the owner is in sight of the horse.

Any grooming equipment used is to be put away when finished.

All gates shall be kept shut at all times, except while passing through. Except main gate to ranch. This gate is left open during business hours. A gate code for this gate will be provided to you.

Riding is not permitted in landscaped areas or around the two homes on the ranch.

Boarders are responsible for their guest(s). All guests are expected to follow all of the Stable Rules.

Any non-resident who rides, trains, or in any way handles a resident’s horse, must be accompanied by a resident at the stable complex and have signed a Doon Grade Ranch release form. Regular non-residents who rides, trains, or in any way handles a resident’s horse may do so without being accompanied by resident only with written permission of the resident on file with Doon Grade Ranch, the permission of Doon Grade Ranch, and with a Doon Grade Ranch release form on file. This does not apply to a veterinarian or farrier engaged in their professional work.

Guests vehicles & horses are by pre-arrangement only. Any horses entering Doon Grade Ranch from out of state must have proof of negative Coggins test. Guests must sign a Doon Grade Ranch release form. (This is not necessary if you meet off property to go riding together.)

No minors are to trade horses, unless their parents are present or with previous written permission provided to Doon Grade Ranch.

All grooming equipment shall be put away after use and not left laying around. All equipment shall be clearly marked with owner’s name. Doon Grade Ranch is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

On the bulletin board is a space for notices (i.e. vet, farrier, etc..). It is up to all boarders to read notices which apply to their horse(s).

Absolutely no dumping anything on the premises, except in designated area.

All designated grooming and wash areas shall be kept clean. Be considerate, if your horse(s) make a mess, clean it up.

All designated grooming and wash areas should be occupied only as necessary.

If jumps, barrels or other equipment are taken into an arena, remove them after use and store in the designated areas.

Tack room shall be kept clean and neat. Tack rooms must be locked when not in use. Tack and grooming equipment shall be appropriately stored. There are locked storage trunks provided. Any personal property left at the stable complex is not the responsibility of Doon Grade Ranch. The horse owner is responsible for all damage to the facility, to personal property or to Doon Grade Ranch property caused by the horse or by the owner, except for reasonable wear and tear.

Horse trailer parking is available (see Rate Schedule). Tack may be stored in the trailer, but Doon Grade Ranch shall not be liable for the security of the tack or trailer. Trailer may not be accessible during wet or muddy weather.

Park all cars and trucks in the designated areas, except when unloading supplies. Please do not block driveways and other access.

Vet/Farrier farm calls can be divided between those needing the service. The more people who schedule together, the cheaper it will be for the call. If you are unable to be here for your appointment, Doon Grade Ranch may be able to arrange for a handler. (See Rate Schedule)

Deworming is required every three months. Vaccinations for Rabies, Influenza, West Nile, and Tetanus must be kept current. If an outbreak occurs other vaccines may be required. Proof of vaccinations is required and must be kept on file by Doon Grade Ranch. You may choose to have your horses done at the same time as the other horses on the premises. (See Rate Schedule for rate.)

Please turn off lights when not in use.

We recommend that halters be removed from horses in stalls and turnout areas. If halters must be left on, breakaways will be required.

There shall be a white board at both main barns. You must leave a note on one of these boards when you go trail riding. Please write down where you intend to ride and please remove this note when you return. If your horse comes back without you, or you don’t come back before dark, we want to know when/where to go look for you! (This is a nuisance but it is for your safety!)

Rider accepts full responsibility for any risks taken while riding. We recommend that all riders wear protective headgear and boots. Doon Grade Ranch REQUIRES that all minors wear protective headgear and boots. Protective head gear must be worn by any rider using the jumps.

Doon Grade Ranch is a breeding operation, and, as such, has a stallion on the premises. While every effort will be made to keep stallions confined, Doon Grade Ranch does not guarantee the virtue of any mare on the property.

In an emergency, a vet will be called at your expense if you cannot be reached or if you fail to take appropriate measures. Doon Grade Ranch may use our in-house vet and charge going rates in this area for services..

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

These rules will be updated as necessary and are also posted at every barn.


Contact Information:

Our new toll-free number is 866-779-3160
Dalia Mathan, D.V.M.,

Sue Thompson , D.V.M. Staff Veterinarian

16101 Doon Grade Road
Magalia, CA 95954
Ranch Line: (530) 873-8132, Fax (530) 876-8853
Office (530) 877-3000