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Article in Paradise Post

A reprint from The Paradise Post

By Elizabeth Stevens  :  2007
Staff Writer

Animals can now receive chiropractic treatment from the Animal Hospital on the Ridge.  Veterinarian Sue Thompson received her chiropractic certification in June 2007.

Thompson said they have had quite a few animals receive treatment.   She generally treats dogs, cats and horses, but she says she is happy to work on any type of animal.

Thompson said she is a licensed veterinarian and a 1987 graduate of U.C. Davis.  She received her chiropractic schooling in Wellsville Kansas, at a school called Options 4 Animals.  She said it is a school for licensed veterinarians and chiropractors to learn how to treat animals with chiropractic care.

Thompson said chiropractic treatments can alleviate pain, increase range of motion, improve nerve and muscle function, helping the body to work better.  However, the treatment is not a substitute for conventional veterinary medicine, she said.

"Chiropractic treatment has to work hand in hand with medicine. It's an additive, not a substitute," Thompson said.

There are some indications in animal behavior that may notify owners to have their pets looked at by a veterinarian, Thompson said."

"It might be a hint if a dog is unwilling to sit straight, and sits on one hip all the time,"she said.  "Or if the tail doesn't swing evenly, that doesn't tell you what's wrong, just may be a hint that the pet needs to be checked out." Cats may get fat and grouchy if they need a chiropractic treatment, Thompson said.  If a pet is walking or trotting and appears to be unaligned, that could be an indicator.  Also any animal that has been through a trauma may benefit from treatments as a part of the overall healing process, she said.

For instance, Thompson said she treated a dog that had been attacked by a deer.  Other examples could include a dog that jumps out of a pickup and lands badly.  Chiropractic treatments may help the body work correctly and heal faster.

"It doesn't cure anything, but it helps," Thompson said.

Pet owners need not worry about expensive treatments. Thompson said the first chiropractic treatment for an animal that had not been referred by another vet would be $35 for small animals, or $75 dollars for horses.  Follow up treatments would cost less.

Thompson said most animals seem to enjoy the treatment.

"They realize that they feel better," she said.  "I've had some of them fall asleep in my arms."

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